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DPF Pipes

Doha Precast Factory (DPF) has the ability to match any project’s exact requirements. Though concrete pipe is ideal for tunneling and jacking projects, our cutting-edge technology allows us to offer extensive range of special features, pipe sizes, mix designs, steel reinforcements, liner materials, external coatings, and wall thicknesses, to provide complete customer satisfaction for every project.

DPF Manholes

Technical Advantages

Controlled conditions on the precast yard / Production Area.
Eliminates contamination risks
Guarantees proper handling, storage and inspection
Sophisticated mold systems
Controlled installation of all components
On-premises concrete batching
Homogeneous external & internal coating by specialized equipment

Quality- controlled until the moment of delivery
American Concrete Pipe Association Certified
ISO- certified in 9001: 2008, 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001
Documented quality controlled system to ensure traceability
One-point access for inspection of all materials (raw & finished)

Highest Performing Manholes
Reinforcement ensures the most durable manholes
(Especially compared to non-reinforced or cast in-situ)
Bonding between liner components and concrete is the most reliable
Resistance against chemical attacks and corrosive
Agents is strongest in precast concrete.

Economic Advantages

Almost 99% reduction of project time
Construction time reduced from 2- 3 weeks (full manhole system construction) to hardly one hour for installation of base, shaft and cover slab.
Preparation activities executed in parallel: advanced planning and fabrication at the plant premises along with site preparation and build.

Reduced Supervision Costs
Client and consultant carry inspections at a single location (batching plant) rather than inspecting individual stages for each manhole scattered across project site.
The need for inspection of raw materials and concrete at ready-mix companies premises is eliminated

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Concrete has the longest life cycle than any alternative.
Minimal leakage
Continuous performance without disruption to utilities
Easy upgrades and additions to existing networks.

Health, Safety and Environment Advantages

Longest Life Cycle
Concrete provides the longest life cycles (average of 60-100 years) compared to any industry alternative

Tidy Production Environment
No risk contamination by trench collapses, building debris, underground water, etc.
Less public disturbance less dust emission less noise pollution Less (Long) traffic diversion

Shorter Construction Periods
Reduces human activities Lesson risks of accidents and injuries
Minimal construction waste No need for loose concrete and other raw
Material on site Simple delivery from precast factory to site

DPF Accessories

  1. Used for customized pipe dimensions (diameter and required effective lengths).
  2. Complies with BS or ASTM Standards and required specifications suitable as per site conditions near manholes or end of pipelines.
  3. Fitting structures include:
    • Socket-Spigot (Rocker Pipe)
    • Socket-Plain End
    • Spigot Plain End
    • Socket-Socket
    • Spigot-Spigot
    • End Cap
    • Elbow
    • Tee
    • Reducer

DPF Accessories - IJS

DPF Accessories - Joints

Tunnel and Vertical Shaft Segment

Tunnel and Vertical Shaft solution
DPF has the range of Segment production meet requirement of the latest Industry. It is designed with consideration to ease of construction and speed of installation and offering High Grade of Concrete with High durability and Stability.

Sealing and Connection
All the segments are pre-fitted with EPDM Rubber gaskets on every segment of shaft or tunnel lining. Cross joints connection made using a spear bolt passing a pocket on one segment and plastic socket in the adjacent segment. Circle joints connection is made using T-bolt system. Bolts are designed to fully compress the gaskets

Concrete Mix and Reinforcement
Each segment is Wet-cast to achieve smooth internal and external finish. The concrete mix is provide the grade C55 and above with OPC, GBBS and Micro silica blended cement giving high durable concrete for any exposure Condition. The segments are reinforced with either a reinforcing Cage or Steel fibers to suit specifications.
The Segments rings are suitable for Vertical shaft construction and Tunnel lining. The maximum diameter Range available with 12 meter


DPF newly introduce the road side Kerb-stone storm water drainage U-channels integrated with Kerb-stone with standard length of 2 meter and 4 meter have the channel of 300mm and 400 mm diameter. The joints designed as socket-spigot having Rubber gasket to ensure the water leak proof. It can accommodate Maintenance Pit as well as Gratings

It is casted with high grade of concrete minimum C80 With reinforcement of Steel fiber / Polypropylene fiber for high flexural strength. The special Channel has reservation for the pedestrian way slab paving. The concrete have the high durability to suitable for any exposure condition.

JRC and Chambers

Doha precast factory having molds and steel forms to cast all type of Rectangular and Square chambers for the Telephone Junction Box or Manhole like JRC-4,JRC-6…..JRC-n as per customer requirements and High Voltage chamber to low voltage chambers for electrical project and Value chamber for Drainage and Water supply projects

It is easy to start a project but it is hard to do it well. Well, not for us.