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Doha Precast Factory (DPF) is unique: we are Qatar’s first to design, Manufacture, and distribute reinforced concrete (RC) pipes. We also Produce pre-cast concrete manholes and fittings of all sizes.

Doha Precast Factory (DPF) established in Qatar 2008 located in Mesaieed Industrial City about 30KM from Doha. The Factory meant to produce reinforced Concrete Pipes and fittings in low head and gravity flow systems and Precast Manhole system. The present concrete pipes and produce in the DPF design utilizing EPDM gasket , and T- Locking system PVC, H.D.P.E. and GRP lining and externally coated by coal tar epoxy (optional). The production range is from 200mm to 3600mm Internal Diameter. The manhole system is suitable for foul Sewerage, Storm water drainage and Sewage with GRP lining and without lining. The Range for the Manhole is ID900mm to 4000mm. All the products are especially developed for drainage system in the generally corrosive soils and ground water of Qatar and G.C.C. coastal areas.

The RC Pipe and Manhole designed to be with stand against external load and to suit client specifications and site requirements. Doha Precast Factory is Producing Precast JRC 6, JRC 12, JRC 14, LDR Champers, U-channels and Segments.

With a series of remarkable awards and certifications, we pride ourselves on our pristine factory, international recognitions and reputation for high performance, quality and on-time delivery


Doha Precast Factory services are offered to all clients to maximize the use of our products.

Hand Tools / Material Supply

DPF offers the Equipments/Material as per the requirement of Clients from the International reputed manufacturer

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Depending on client’s needs, DPF offers training that ensures optimal installation of pipe systems and manholes, minimizing execution time and maximizing life of products.

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One of the major reasons that precast concrete pipes and manholes are the top choice for contractors is because they require the least amount of maintenance compared to industry alternatives.

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DPF Pipes
DPF Pipes

Doha Precast Factory (DPF) has the ability to match any project’s exact requirements. Though concrete pipe is ideal for tunneling and jacking projects, our cutting-edge technology allows us to offer extensive range of special features, pipe sizes, mix designs, steel reinforcements, liner materials, external coatings, and wall thicknesses, to provide complete customer satisfaction for every project.

DPF Manholes
DPF Manholes

Advantages to Precast Manholes

  1. Technical Advantages
  2. Economic Advantages
  3. SE Advantages
DPF Accessories
DPF Accessories

1. Used for customized pipe dimensions (diameter and required effective lengths).

2. Complies with BS or ASTM Standards and required specifications suitable as per site conditions near manholes or end of pipelines.

3. Fitting structures

It is easy to start a project but it is hard to do it well. Well, not for us.